The Long Queues in Front of the Bojongsari Artificial Waterfall

Selasa, 05 Januari 2021 - 03:08
The Long Queues in Front of the Bojongsari Artificial Waterfall Visitors are waiting outside the entrance of the artificial waterfall Bojongsari, Indramayu. (PHOTO: Muhamad Jupri/ TIMES Indonesia).

TIMESINDONESIA, INDRAMAYU – Bojongsari Artificial Waterfall in Indramayu enacted free entrance ticket for all visitors from Tuesday, 29 December 2020 until the end of January 2021. A lot of visitors immediately took the opportunity to enjoy the new tourism spot for free.

Numerous visitors came since the free entrance ticket applies and the front entrance to the site has been crowded every day since then. However, the manager only allows 30 percent of the maximum visitor capacity inside. Thus, everyone else must wait at the entrance door.

According to the observation by TIMES Indonesia, the place was already crowded early in the morning. Many visitors did not follow the health protocols such as keeping the distance and wearing masks.

One of the visitors, Yuli came early in the morning with her family to visit the new tourist spot. She was curious about the iconic 20 meters artificial waterfall and tried to enjoy it for free during the promo.

However, because of the overwhelming crowd at the entrance, Yuli chose to quit the queue. Especially because the Covid-19 pandemic is still yet to be cured. “I can’t enter because of the entry limitation,” she said, Sunday (3/1/2021).

Meanwhile, according to the Head of Culture and Tourism Department of Indramayu, Carsim, the place applied the 30 percent visitor restriction rule and only opens until noon during the pandemic.

Besides, all visitors should follow the health protocols. They should get out as soon as they finished their visit to let other visitors get inside and prevent the increasing crowd at the entrance.

“We apply a limit of visitors during the pandemic,” he said related to the visitors of the new artificial waterfall tourism spot in Indramayu. (*)


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