Here are the Reasons Why Habib Luthfi Granted with Special Achievement Award 2020

Kamis, 24 Desember 2020 - 18:20
Here are the Reasons Why Habib Luthfi Granted with Special Achievement Award 2020 Habib Luthfi Bin Yahya.

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Ra’is ‘Am Jam’iyah Ahlu Thariqah al Mu’tabarah an Nahdliyah (JATMAN) is the title for this honorable man i.e. Habib Luthfi. For all his dedication TIMES Indonesia presents him Special Achievement Award 2020 through TIMES Indonesia Award.

The guy with Habib Muhammad Luthfi bin Ali bin Yahya as his sure name has a soothing look that will make your heart melt and bring you some peace once you see his face. He is one Islamic religious leader which spread some unity in diversity, integrity, and some peace for the country in all of his speech.

“He managed to bring some peace in the middle of chaos that caused by all of the terrors happened in the country with his graceful manners,” Irfan Ansori, Manager in Charge of TIMES Indonesia Award 2020 said.

He is the founder of Majelis Taklim Kanzus Sholawat Pekalongan (Pekalongan Kanzus Islamic  Forum) od Central Java. He is now appointed as one of Advisory Council for the President for his wise thoughts.

On almost every of his speech he always reminds his follower to never forget to the history and always honor and respect the older. He always emphasize that patriotism is above all. A change in economic and education aspect becomes his main concern towards his speech.

In his opinion, some racial issue, lack of respect between one another in some muslim country has made most of them left behind by the advance of modernity. He has the right definition of Jihad. Jihad according to him is fighting against extreme poverty and poor quality of education.

“This was what made us choose Habib Luthfi over several other people to have this Special Achievement Award 2020 of TIMES Indonesia Award,” Irfan ended. (*)


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