Lt Gen Doni Monardo, the Winner of Positive News Maker 2020

Jumat, 25 Desember 2020 - 02:14
Lt Gen Doni Monardo, the Winner of Positive News Maker 2020 Let Gen Doni Monardo.

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – style="margin-left:0cm; margin-right:0cm">As TIMES Indonesia Award goes, it keeps seeking the person which feasible to receive the award. This time, it point on Lt Gen Doni Manardo for the Positive News Maker 2020.

Doni Manardo currently serves as Head of Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management. He is also the Head of Indonesian Covid-19 Task Force, his dedication to the country through all the situation has made him become a decent person to have this award.

“His nice characteristic and figure has bring such a nice wind to the community especially when he addressed the people with some news of Covid-19,” Irfan Anshori, the Manager in Charge of TIMES Indonesia Award 2020 said.  

During his time, Doni as the Head of Covid-19 Task Force has addressed the people in such a nice way, he is known to have a good and effective communication skill. All his explanation about the pandemic could be easily catch by the public.   

“He is a hard working person. He even stays at his office for few days and spends his nights there for his work. It’s such a remarkable thing to do,” Irfan added.

It can’t be denied that there was lots of names appear at TIMES Indonesia Award desk for this category. Yet, after a deep research and thought they decided to have Lt Gen Doni Manardo as the perfect one to be granted with Positive News Maker 2020 award. (*)


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