Women of The Year 2020 of East Java Goes to Tri Rismaharini

Selasa, 05 Januari 2021 - 22:46
Women of The Year 2020 of East Java Goes to Tri Rismaharini Women of The Year 2020 of East Java goes to Tri Rismaharini. (Graphic Design: Dena Setya/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTATIMES Indonesia Award keep progressing to search someone qualified for Women of the Year 2020 of East Java. This time this award goes to Dr. Ir. Tri Rismaharini M.T the former Mayor of Surabaya. 

This lady was just appointed as the Minister of Social Affair for her dedication and good work she done during his position as a City Mayor. The inauguration was held on December 22 2020. 

Risma, that’s the way people called him, was born on November 20 1961. She started her career from rock bottom as a state officer. With her talents she then appointed as The Head of Spatial Planning/City Land Agency in 1997.

She put a huge concern towards the city during and makes it greener during her time of being The Head of Sanitation and Gardening Services. With all she achieved during that time, she then promoted to be the Head of Development Planning agency in 2008.

Her accomplishment has made the national party choose her and bring to sit on the Surabaya Regional Election throne as a city mayor. During her time of being Mayor, she received lots of Award either national or internationally.

During the pandemic, she went to the community herself to appeal them to stay at home. She even nags them just like a mom to their kids. She shares some vitamin and herbs to boost their immune. This what makes her closer to the society.

Her programs during the pandemic have brought Surabaya to a better condition. Her achievements have made her chosen to be the Chief of United Cities and Local Governments Asia-Pacific starting from 2018 till now.

All this things were the reason why Tri Rismaharini granted with Women of the Year 2020 of East Java by TIMES Indonesia Award. (*)


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